Halifax police arrest gunman

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Heavily armed police are scouring the downtown area around Scotia Square after reports of a man seen with a gun near Brunswick and Duke Streets.

Police say they are trying to confirm the reports. They have received no threats or heard of shots being fired.

Access is being restricted as well at Citadel High School...students not allowed to leave the building. Police are also stationed along Brunswick Street and on Citadel Hill. They said earlier they would be increasing their presence in various locations around the city because of the shootings in Ottawa.

City Hall and several buildings, including Citadel High School and Dalhousie were under a lockdown.

The latest is that just before lunch hour, police have recovered a firearm from a city bus, and a man has been arrested at the corner of Argyle and Carmichael

Activists Bring Anti-Pipeline Message To Cornwallis

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A high-profile panel, headed up by Maude Barlow, Council of Canadians National Chairperson on protecting our water, will be visiting two Nova Scotia locations next week to discuss the dangers involved in a planned Energy East pipeline, a plan to pipe over a million barrels a day of Tar Sands oil to the Maritimes. The presentation, called Energy East: Our Risk-Their Reward, describes the consequences of the pipeline as “disastrous” and outlines the risks the project would entail for industries such as the fishery, tourism and ranching in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

A presentation on the subject will take place Sunday at 7:00 at the Scotiabank Auditorium at Dalhousie, and again Monday at 7:00 at the Annapolis Basin Conference Centre in Cornwallis.

Parliament shootings

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada will never be intimidated after what he called a second "terrorist" attack in three days.

A gunman killed a reservist soldier who was on guard at the National War Memorial before he ran to the parliament buildings and opened fire there. The shooter was killed by the Common's Sargent at Arms Kevin Vickers.

Reservist Nathan Cirillo of Hamilton is the second member of the Armed Forces to die this week. On Monday near Montreal, a radical Islamist was shot and killed by police after he ran down two Canadian soldiers killing one of them.

Harper says the two shocking attacks show Canada is not immune to terrorism. He said authorities will learn more in the coming days about the terrorist and any accomplices he may have had.

N-D-P Leader Tom Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau echoed Harper's condemnation of the killing. Mulcair paid tribute to slain Corporal Nathan Cirillo, saying he was literally standing on guard at a monument dedicated to the sacrifice of those who came before him. There is no indication the shooter had any accomplices, but Trudeau said if there are any, they must be caught and punished to the full force of the law.''

Parliament shootings - Gunman

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The gunman has been identified as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, who apparently lived in Montreal and went by different names. He apparently has a lengthy criminal record in Montreal and also British Columbia dating back a dozen years. There are reports he had recently converted to Islam.

Parliament shootings- Military reaction

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Canadian Forces bases across the country went on heightened alert after the shootings, including the Dockyard, CFB Halifax, Shearwater and others. Personnel were carefully checking IDs at the gates. Orders also went out for military personnel to avoid wearing their uniforms in public.

Parliament shootings - Province House

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The legislature took extra precautions after the shootings. Province House was locked down and anybody wanting in had to have proper I-D. There were police officers at the doors.

The public was excluded...only the politicians staff and properly accredited media were allowed in. Speaker Kevin Murphy says daily proceedings, however, will continue.

Premier Stephen McNeil says the events in Ottawa don't make sense. Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie says the decision to proceed with house business was the right one.

Parliament shootings - World reaction

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Reaction to the Ottawa shootings came from around the world, including from leaders who have visited Parliament Hill.

President Barack Obama said he was rattled by what happened, calling it a tragedy and an outrage. He called Prime Minister Harper to offer his condolences. Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron took to Twitter to express his indignation. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office also tweeted a statement of condolence and expression of support. There were similar statements from the leaders of Australia and New Zealand.

The shooting was a top news story in numerous countries.

Shooting and fire in Enfield

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Enfield RCMP are currently investigating a shooting and a fire in the community.

The RCMP got a 911 call just before 2:30 yesterday morning that a man had been shot. They got to Martin Court and found no one had been shot but a house and car had been hit by bullets. The Mounties say the shooting was not random and they continue to investigate.

RCMP are also investigating a fire that destroyed a vacant cabin. The Fire Department notified RCMP about the fire off Halls Road because the preliminary investigation was that it was suspicious. Nobody was hurt...and the investigation is continuing.

Anyone with information is asked to call RCMP or Crimestoppers.

Ruling on who pays for medical marijuanna

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The province's Court of Appeal has overturned a lower court's ruling on who pays for medical marijuanna.

The original judge ordered the province to reimburse Sally Armstrong for $28,376 after she produced invoices for marijuana bought from the Cannabis Buyers's Club of Canada. The Appeals court has now overturned that decision ruling that the Cannabis Buyers' Club doesn't meet the criteria to supply medical marijuanna legally. It ordered the money paid by the province should be returned by Armstrong immediately.

Armstrong, who is on social assistance, has a prescription for medical marijuana. The appeal court did say a previous ruling requiring the government to pay for her marijuana remains in effect as long as the receipts provided are from Health Canada or a legitimate supplier.

Government working on a new fee structure for doctors

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The Health Department will need at least another two years to modernize the fee structure for doctors.

Deputy Health Minister Peter Vaughn told the public accounts committee the fee schedule has not kept up with technological change and a project is ongoing to address that problem. Vaughn says his department is also working on reocmmendations from the Auditor General and find savings while ensuring value for money spent on billed services.


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The Kansas City Royals tied up the world series at a game apiece with a 7-2 win over the Giants last night. The series now moves to San Francisco for game three tomorrow.

in the NHL...the game between the Leafs and Senators in Ottawa was postponed because of the shootings. No makeup date has been announced yet. At other games there was a moment of silence. Then the Oilers went out and beat the Washington Capitals 3-2. The Ducks and Sabres also opened with a moment of silence before Anaheim won 4-1. The Pittsburgh Penguins sang O Canada before their game against the Flyers which Philadelphia won 5-3.

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